Saturday, 16 February 2013

Time Flies

Wow. Almost 12 months since my last post. My 1st full year in canada passed by last november.
Much has changed since my last post. New job, even a new province. But we're still here!

Going to make this a fairly short post just to get things back on track.

I am now living in Woodstock, New Brunswick. My wife Sandra and daughter Jessica finally made it out here and we've settled in fairly well. It hasn't all been plain sailing, but we're getting through. Whilst the grass is deffinately greener this side of the pond. Theres many a patch of nettles you need to look out for too.

Sandra has her own blog too. If your still thinking of giving canada a try, or you're a truckers wife/partner looking for info. You should give it a read. She loves a good chinwag, so don't be afraid to ask questions in the comments section.

Anyhow (or anyhoo if in Canada). The blogging ice re-broken and I got a few things I need to go do. So ta-ta for now (told you it was a short post). Maybe I'll have time a little later to fill you in on the last 12 months.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pepe La Pew!

Well it took almost 2 days to get loaded. Picking up from Calexico first, before heading to El Centro. By the time I got to Yuma, AZ. The place was closed. Couldn't re-book the collection until 8am the following morning and by then the only slot available was 11:00. Finally got scaled off and away for 17:00.

Having only had a few hours sleep the night before I got as far as Quartzsite, AZ and realizing I wasn't going to make Las Vegas safely (bobbing head syndrome!), I pulled in and called it a night.

The following morning, after a shower and (half) decent meal I sent in my morning satellite messages and headed out across the Mojave, first stop Vegas for fuel. I'd already planned on a big day today so I could get in-front and maintain a bit of a time cushion for my delivery. So once I got fueled in Vegas I put my foot down all the way through to Willard, UT. Which is just north of Salt Lake City. A distance of 1100km. Got a good nights rest in preparation for an even bigger run the following day. Willard, UT all the way through to Calgary, AB. A distance of 1300km.

The following morning all started out well. Pre-tripped the truck, got some breakfast and fueled up. Then headed north. I hit the snow crossing over into Idaho and by the time I reached Idaho falls it was thick on the ground. Before I reached the Montana state line, I'd already passed 6 vehicles off the road. All of them 4 wheel drives!

Travelling at 65mph on snow covered roads in a vehicle weighing almost 80000lbs is unnerving at the best of times. So as I crossed  the Monida Pass (elev 6811ft) I decided discretion was the better part of valor and slowed to a measly 60mph. By the time I reached Clark Canyon, MT. The road had once again cleared and it was hammer down all the way to the Canadian border.

Approaching Shelby, MT. and in need of a coffee. I decided to top off my fuel tanks and crack on.

Around 10 minutes out from the border you drop down into a coulee. Its fairly steep walled and you tend to get a lot of wildlife crossing here. So I wasn't too shocked when, what I first thought to be a Badger appeared in my headlights. Giving the brakes a tap and hoping I didn't squash him, I watched him disappear under the front right of my hood, before re-appearing in my mirror down the right side. Just as I start to congratulate myself on missing him, the smell struck. I've never smelt anything so bad in all my life! It took 2 days for the smell to finally leave the cab. If I'm planning on doing a bit of walking and taking pictures of wildlife, I really need to learn to tell the difference between a Badger and a Skunk!

I finally roll into Calgary tired, later and colder than planned (had windows down to get rid of the smell). I drop my trailer at the customer and hit the sack.

The following morning I get details of my next load. Take an empty trailer to Lethbridge, AB. Swap it for a loaded one there and be in Sumner, WA for 05:00 on the 22nd (today being the 20th). So not a great deal of time spare.

I'll fill you all in on that trip soon. As I'm out of time at the moment and have other jobs to do! I'm actually on a reset in Tacoma, WA. But want to get my laundry done and out of the way. So maybe I'll post something a little later!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Thank You!

As I'm sat here waiting to start todays shift, I was looking through the stats page for the blog. It seems Mick and Cath are my number 1 referrer's! If we get chance to meet up at some point, I'll deffinately be buying you both a drink!! :) Thank you.

Ontario, CA.

"Mos Eisley spaceport TA Truckstop, Ontario CA. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

Ok maybe a bit far fetched, but its deffinately an interesting place to have a reset. As I sit here this morning waiting for the nod to head towards my collections. I've heard CB conversations that went from 'Black v White' to 'Black v Mexican' At which time a lady trucker waded in against the men, before asking for help setting her gps up. After which everybody turned on Obama and congress. I suppose if nothing else, Obama can say he united the people. 

Over the 48 hours I've been here, I've been approached by most of the local 'salesmen' with various wares. Including laptops, gps, cb's, dvd's and if I saw anything I liked in the shop, let them know.

Anyway. I'll be out of here shortly. I have collections in Calexico, CA - El Centro, CA and Yuma, AZ to get on today. Delivering in Calgary on the 19th. As long as I can get the collections all picked up today it gives me 3 full days to cover the 2700km trip back to Calgary.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Just a quick update

Well it's been awhile since my last post. Thought I better get the blogging ball rolling. Hopefully now things have settled down I can get into some sort of routine.

Since I started driving, just before christmas. I've had runs into Arizona, California, Idaho, Nebraska, followed by four successive trips across the Trans Canadian Highway - between Brampton, Ontario and various places in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Followed by a trip in the other direction to Vancouver, British Columbia.

I'm currently sat at the Flying J truckstop in Barstow, California. Loaded with beef to be delivered in Vernon, CA in the morning.

I've been as high as 6600ft and as low as 100ft below sea level. In temperatures as high as 26c and as low as -41c. Covering 24418 miles in 8 weeks. Thats 3052.25 miles per week on average. It could have been quite a bit more but for breakdowns, weather, waiting for loads, road closures, customs not being pre-notified of loads properly and of course........those pesky resets!

All in all its been quite a busy and eventful, first couple of months. But I have some time off coming up soon. My wife Sandra is coming out here to have a look around for a couple of weeks, and it will be good to have some company for a while.

Once I get delivered in Vernon I need to take a reset. So if I can find an internet connection I should be able to write some more. For now it's time for bed. 4am start tomorrow!

I hate mornings!!!

Saturday, 31 December 2011


I'm currently sat in my truck at the Flying J truckstop in calgary. Waiting for the present to become the past, the future to become today. In around 3 hours it will be New Years Day in England. I will be talking to my family online as Big Ben chimes in the new year (thank you skype). Hopefully the connection wont be to busy!

Since this is the 1st post 'proper' of this blog and it is new years eve, I've taken the opportunity to reflect a little on my own feelings of the last year. Hopefully the blogging will become more frequent, as will the photo uploads now that I'm settling into a kind of routine.

I wish you all the very best for the new year.

Speak again soon!!


"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."
          Epictetus (55 AD - 135 AD) 

Its been an 'eventful' and at times very emotional year for me. Lots of up's and downs. Starting with job interviews and planning for emigration. Finding family I never knew I had. Losing family members that - although I never got the chance to meet them - played a major part in my life and in ways only Freud could fathom, helped to make me who I am. There have been births, deaths, marriages, meeting and parting with friends and family. Then at the end of the year I find myself having to leave behind those that mean the most to me in order to - eventually - improve the lives of myself and my family.

I knew before I set out that there would be hard times ahead. I knew that between these hard times there'd be amazing experience's to be had and that the end result will make those dark times seem all worth while. But during those dark times it can be extremely difficult to believe that what your putting yourself and your family through, can be worth it. Especially at this time of year.

I know the time approaches, at which my family will be joining me out here. That things will become easier as the time draws nearer. But its going to be tough until then.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Pastures New

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do, than by the things that you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

Mark Twain.

It hardly seems real. Sitting here now, surrounded by my loved ones. That in less than 48hrs I will be leaving England's fair shores for good.

Its been so long in the planning and yet seems to have crept up on us so quick.

For those that have found this blog by chance or were otherwise unaware. On Wednesday I leave the UK and head to our new home. Canada. My wife Sandra and daughter Jessica are to follow at some point in the new year. Its been over two years in the preparation and yet seems to have come around so quickly. With so much left undone. So many people left without a proper fair-well and so many sights left unseen. Yet if we'd have left it another two years I would probably be thinking the same.  Change. There's never a good time for it!

Anyhow. Got things to sort and cases to pack so until the next post, au revoir!

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